Husband and wife
Ordained by God
Recognized by law
An intimate and permanent partner
United to become one.

Mandated by God and by law
To treasure each other
To encourage one another
To enrich and solidify life together.

Our father and mother
Are poles apart
We do not know
Why they ended up together.

Everybody says
Unlike poles
Attract each other
That is why
They are together.

Our parents
Are similar to a seesaw
As one of them goes up
The other goes down.

They never go
In the same direction
One wants to see the North Pole
The other is geared
Towards the South Pole.

Under no circumstances
They watched shows together
Mother loves tearjerker movies
Father is an addict of Ghostbusters.

Whenever they embark
On a new project
They do the toss coin
Father chooses the face
Mother gets the tail.

Eardrums throbbed
With their endless debates
Always argue on the country's affairs
He is anti government
She is a loyalist of the government.

They have different taste buds
Father is tingling with pleasure in food
Mother is a finicky eater
He is a glutton of bizarre foods
She pukes when she eats one.

But no matter
How much they antagonized each other
Whenever their love is put to a test
They love each other to death.

When father is sick
Mother never leaves his side
She calls and inquires
On everyone
How to treat a headache and common cold.

When mother is not around
Father looks for her
In every corner
Worried and anxious
Like an old mother hen.

Loving each other deeply
Covers all their inadequacies
Including small treacheries
They committed to each other
They delight in the Lord
Their hearts entwined.

They were graced by God
Two beautiful children
Joyfully and wonderfully made
Whose frames were framed after them.

Two humble and simple people
Who loved them dearly
Their blessings from above
Who will connect the dots
Towards them
To forever.

Copyright 2018, Rose Marie Juan-Austin, All Rights Reserved