Government against the governed
Faith against faith
Brother betrays brother
Friend betrays friend
To death.

The home that shelters
From cradle to grave
It turns into a demon
The motherland that nurtures
It destroys and envelops
Everyone into the arms of nothingness.

Dreams of the youth were trampled
Infants die while sucking their lives
From the ample bosoms of their mothers
Families gathered
Not to enjoy a meal
But to dig a way out.

They want to shut their eyes
Of the painful change
Of their existence
Let life takes its own course
Or turn into demons and fight
Or maybe just wait with indifference
And die.

Yet their hearts shout and choose
To flee and risk to live
And when they left
Their beloved home
God is with them
And their hearts
Still stay in the beloved home.

Citizens, young and old
Flocked en masse
Into the massive sea
Tossed wildly in the high seas
Swayed like dirt by the enormous waves
To unknown lands.

They walked days and nights
Through the bone dry lands
Endured sandstorms
Soaked by heavy rains
They crawled like worms
To reach the Golden Lands.

They were displaced
To different homes
Homes that have solid fences
And doors are as big as the hole
Of the smallest needle.

Oh, how lucky are the birds
They could fly to distant places
And claim the vastness
Of the grand sky
They could land anywhere
And build homes in a blink of an eye.

Oh, how we envy the fishes
They could go anywhere
All places that water
Occupies on Earth
They could swim to the deepest
Known points in Earth's oceans
And claim the ocean floor.

Yet, we love the human race
We are vested with hearts
Framed under One God
Hearts anchored
Under the virtue of kindness.

We have unalienable rights
That God gave to man
At the creation
That is why
We have dominion over the
Birds in the sky
We have dominion over the
Fishes in the sea.

Copyright 2018, Rose Marie Juan-Austin, All Rights Reserved