My Grandfather Was A Farmer Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


I was still a little girlA
When my grandfather taught meB
How to care and till our landC
To produce the vital thingsD
That nourish lifeE
How wonderful to seeB
From sunrise to sunsetF
Large tracts of brownG
Covered with gold and greenH
Sometimes I played with the soilI
Fiddled and moldedJ
The way a craftsmanK
Worked on the clayL
We planted seeds in rich soilI
But sometimes the wind and rainM
Played with themN
Some shoot up wildO
Others have grown healthyB
My grandfather earnestlyB
Transferred wild onesP
To more suitable bedsQ
Attached rods on themN
And mixed with the good onesP
How amazing to takeR
A glimpse everydayL
How the wild ones continued to growS
As straight as the rodT
And sturdy as the healthy onesP
Some have grown even betterU
Copyright Rose Marie Juan Austin All Rights ReservedV

Rose Marie Juan Austin


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