Failure Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


I tried my very bestA
I have exhaustedB
All that can be required from my capabilitiesC
Beyond power and strengthD
But I lostE
Shoulders and tears droppedF
Knocked the windG
Gritted my teethH
Felt the worldI
Has abandoned meJ
I licked myself into shapeK
And have thought carefullyJ
What went wrongL
I prayed hardM
And called on GodN
I brushed myselfO
Honed my skillsP
And prepared myselfO
To get backQ
In the same arenaR
Hell bent to winS
I renewed my energyJ
Increased my paceT
Used all legal means to winS
But still for the second timeU
I failedV
I cannot accept defeatW
And I told myselfO
I am not a quitterX
I forced my buttY
And tried with all my mightZ
And here at the same fieldA2
For the third timeU
Yet luckB2
And successC2
Were so elusiveD2
I was doomedE2
To be a failureX
But my mind and heartF2
Cried otherwiseG2
I used my failuresH2
Put them togetherX
To make me strongerX
I changed courseI2
Now I see the lightZ
Stars are shining bright above meJ
Fate smiles at meJ
Copyright Rose Marie Juan Austin All Rights ReservedJ2

Rose Marie Juan Austin


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