The tears that fell
From your lonely eyes
Evidence of your extreme fear
And sadness
My heart bleeds
Of knowing you love me so much.

I knew how you struggled
To keep me still
Pleaded to the physician
For just another day.

I prayed to Almighty God
To give me an ample time
To say a proper goodbye
But my body did not cooperate
It was ready to go.

My heartbeat faltered
My eyes were cloudy
And dreary
My legs gave way
All the way.

It was so sudden to leave you
Due to a sickness
That plagued me
I am no longer attuned
To this godforsaken body.

I will never
Hold against you
If you accede to
What the physician had advised you
Instead I will be forever thankful.

But you defied everything
You brought me home
Just to be with me
Away from everyone
One more time
You hold on me so tight.

You waited with great passion
A sign from heaven
Praying ardently to God
Hoping for a miracle
That I will get better.

But no one
Could ever
Ever conquer
The Book of Life
That everything will come to its end
In God's own time.

My day has come
Yet it came like a tidal wave
Caught me unaware
Swayed me to that unknown place
And delivered me to the arm of

I faced the inevitable
I left you with a heavy heart
And I brought with me
All the treasures you gave
Love, kindness
Care and happiness.

I know God
Will make everything right for me
Though I tasted a different heaven
By being with you
With Him
There will be no iota of pain.

I will be watching over you
Every single moment
Along with my Father
For I am always
Always be grateful
To you.

Copyright 2019, Rose Marie Juan-Austin, All Rights Reserved