Success Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


You ask me what I call SuccessA
It is I wonder HappinessB
It is not wealth it is not fameC
Nor rank nor power nor honoured nameC
It is not triumph in the ArtsD
Best selling books or leading partsD
It is not plaudits of the crowdE
The flame of flags processions proudE
The panegyrics of the PressA
are but the mirage of SuccessA
You may have all of them my friendF
Yet be a failure in the endF
I've know proud Presidents of banksG
Who've fought their way up from the ranksG
And party leaders of renownH
Who played as boys in ShantytownH
Strong self made men yet seek to traceI
Benignity in any faceI
Grim purpose mastery maybeJ
Yet never sweet serenityJ
Never contentment thoughts that blessA
That mellow joy I deem SuccessA
The haply seek some humble hearthK
Quite poor in goods yet rich in mirthL
And see a man of common clayM
Watching his little ones at playM
A laughing fellow full of cheerN
Health strength and faith that mocks at fearN
Who for his happiness reliesO
On joys he lights in other eyesO
He loves his home and envies noneP
Who happier beneath the sunP
Aye though he walk in lowly waysQ
Shining Success has crowned his daysQ

Robert William Service


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