Compassion Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


A beggar in the street I sawA
Who held a hand like withered clawA
As cold as clayB
But as I had no silver groatC
To give I buttoned up my coatC
And turned awayB
And then I watched a working wifeD
Who bore the bitter load of lifeD
With lagging limbE
A penny from her purse she tookF
And with sweet pity in her lookF
Gave it to himE
Anon I spied a shabby dameG
Who fed six sparrows as they cameG
In famished flightH
She was so poor and frail and oldI
Yet crumbs of her last crust she doledI
With pure delightH
Then sudden in my heart was bornJ
For my sleek self a savage scornJ
Urge to atoneK
So when a starving cur I sawA
I bandaged up its bleeding pawA
And bought a boneK
For God knows it is good to giveL
We may not have so long to liveM
So if we canN
Let's do each day a kindly deedO
And stretch a hand to those in needO
Bird beast or manN

Robert William Service


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