Cinderella Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Cinderella in the streetA
In a ragged gownB
Sloven slippers on her feetA
Shames our tidy townB
Harsh her locks of ashen greyC
Vapour vague her stareD
By the curb this bitter dayC
Selling papers thereD
Cinderella once was sweetA
Fine and lily fairD
Silver slippers on her feetA
Ribands in her hairD
Solid men besought her handE
Tart was she as quinceF
Living in a fairy landE
Waiting for a PrinceF
Days went by and years went byG
Wistful wan was sheH
Heedless of a mother's sighG
Of a lover's pleaH
On her lips a carol gayC
In her heart a dreamI
Soon the Prince would come her wayC
Gallant and agleamI
Then at last she learned the truthJ
How her hope was vainK
Gone her beauty gone her youthJ
Leaving want and painK
See she's waiting all aloneL
Hark you hear her cryG
Papers by the cold curb stoneL
Begging you to buyG
Winter winds are waxing chillM
Clouds rack overheadN
Cinderella will be illM
Bye and bye be deadN
Yet she kept her vision clearO
To Romance was trueP
Holding him forever dearO
Whom she never knewP
Cinderellas of to dayC
Take no chance of lossQ
When a good guy comes your wayC
Nail him to the crossQ
Let some ordinary cussR
Your coy heart convinceF
Never miss the nuptial busR
Waiting for a PrinceF

Robert William Service


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