Birthday Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


th JanuaryA
I thank whatever gods may beA
For all the happiness that's mineB
That I am festive fit and freeA
To savour women wit and wineB
That I may game of golf enjoyC
And have a formidable driveD
In short that I'm a gay old boyC
Though I beA
Seventy and fiveD
My daughter thinks because I'm oldE
I'm not a crock when all is saidF
I mustn't let my feet get coldE
And should wear woollen socks in bedF
A worsted night cap too forsoothG
To humour her I won't contriveD
A man is in his second youthG
When he isH
Seventy and fiveD
At four score years old age beginsI
And not till then I warn my wifeJ
At eighty I'll recant my sinsI
And live a staid and sober lifeJ
But meantime let me whoop it upK
And tell the world that I'm aliveD
Fill to the brim the bubbly cupK
Here's health toL
Seventy and fiveD

Robert William Service


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