At A High Ceremony Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Not the proudest damsel hereA
Looks so well as doth my dearB
All the borrowed light of dressC
Outshining not her lovelinessC
A loveliness not born of artD
But growing outwards from her heartD
Illuminating all her faceC
And filling all her form with graceC
Said I of dress the borrowed lightE
Could rival not her beauty brightE
Yet looking round tis truth to tellF
No damsel here is dressed so wellF
Only in them the dress one seesC
Because more greatly it doth pleaseC
Than any other charm that's theirsC
Than all their manners all their airsC
But dress in her although indeedG
It perfect be we do not heedG
Because the face the form the airH
Are all so gentle and so rareH

Robert Fuller Murray


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