To Althea, From Prison Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


When love with unconfin egrave d wingsA
Hovers within my gatesB
And my divine Althea bringsA
To whisper at the gratesB
When I lie tangled in her hairC
And fettered to her eyeD
The birds that wanton in the airC
Know no such libertyE
When flowing cups run swiftly roundF
With no allaying ThamesG
Our careless heads with roses boundF
Our hearts with loyal flamesH
When thirsty grief in wine we steepI
When healths and draughts go freeE
Fishes that tipple in the deepI
Know no such libertyE
When like committed linnets ID
With shriller throat shall singJ
The sweetness mercy majestyE
And glories of my KingJ
When I shall voice aloud how goodK
He is how great should beE
Enlarg egrave d winds that curl the floodL
Know no such libertyE
Stone walls do not a prison makeM
Nor iron bars a cageN
Minds innocent and quiet takeM
That for an hermitageO
If I have freedom in my loveP
And in my soul am freeE
Angels alone that soar aboveP
Enjoy such libertyE

Richard Lovelace


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