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Richard Lovelace (poet) (1617–1657), 17th century English poet

Richard Lovelace, 1st Baron Lovelace (1564–1634)

Richard V. E. Lovelace (fl. 1960s–2010s), American astrophysicist...
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I Love You 67 Love 67 Sun 51 Fire 39 Fate 38 Light 37 Bright 37 World 37 Earth 36 Breath 35

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Monovhrome: richard lovelace once wrote, her bosom is love's paradise, there is no heaven but in her eyes; she's chaster than the turtle-dove, and fairer than the queen of love: yet all perfections do combine to beautifie my valentine. ♥︎
Pathfindergpusa: some good nuggets here. i also took dr. richard lovelace’s class on revival at gordon-conwell theological seminary. important book. but, one who discounts classical pentecostal theology and experience of the holy spirit does so at their own spiritual loss.
Fxmc1957: 18 march 1834. 6 farm labourers were each sentenced to 7 years transportation to a penal colony in australia for organising a trade-union in the dorset-shire village of tolpuddle. their leaders were george and james loveless (lovelace). they were known as the “tolpuddle martyrs”.
Abdalmo96239152: stone walls do not a prison make,nor iron bars a cage.,richard lovelace, to althea, from prison,attitude, cage, prison,
Timothyjlutz: iron bars do not a prison make. richard lovelace plato's cave is the norm.
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ilara: This man is not so intresting

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