The way that you make me yours is so special that I do not know how to explain it
We are so united through the things that we are doing that we can make a reservoir for the things that we are feeling deep inside and learn how to understand each other
It takes a lot to learn how to understand where we cannot pin point what the decision will make if we decide together
The way that we are so induced to focusing makes us prone to understanding why we are cursed into thinking that something is wrong
I am focused on her and she is focused on me
We cannot take our eyes off each other and therefore there is a lot going on in both our minds
The way that we think things can work out is something that we can both merge into understanding what we both want to accomplish
When we make decisions that can help us to make a choice that we will not regret we will try to understand the things we do not know
The price of understanding is simply what we know we can achieve with the manners that we keep with the things that we are associated with
The things that me and her do together are incomparable with another situation unless it is love
When me and her are together we are far beyond just the air but we are just like two stars shining together
I wish that the way she is mine is pure beyond spirit but clear in flesh and sight that we shall only have to worry no more about the differences between us but only have to learn more about the similarities
The ways that we think that we are not heard is the way that there can be a way to make a person persevere through the actions we know
I am yours and therefore she is so misunderstood by the mood I am feeling but she always I understand the way I am feeling and that is what makes her so noble in thought
The way she feels is often as if I do understand everything that she is doing only to use it to an advantage of the character I have
The way that things are going between us is often as if we both do not understand what we are going through because of the intensity of the smoothness of the connection
When we help other people to be well known we realise that we are also helping ourselves to understand the limit of work and effort that we put for ourselves
The way that we thi k of how others portray what we think is a possibility is how we understand that they understand what we are going through
There are different ways of doing what we want to accomplish and therefore we must always give it a try to make a necessity out of our success of trying hard enough to sustain and progress into a better version of ourselves
The way that we think can help girls to understand that some boys are different from others