What you make me feel is what I feel no where else but here
The same place that made me who I am right now
A person I had never thought that I would become
Everlastingly I figured that things are working out
There are no questions on my mind about us
I am certain everything will work out between us
Give us a chance and maybe I could understand
Understanding is not as easy as it sounds in different ways
Ways such as hearing and seeing
Now the time has come for me to be certain
I am sure about us
The question on your mind is serious
What I should do is clear
It is not the same as what I have been through
I am over the past and willingly alright
That is a sign that things are working out
Give me assurance is what you ask
Give me love is what I need
The feeling is mutual
Let us make it work
The spark ignites through connection
Meeting is a wish that may come true
That is a dream that has come true
I am focused on the way forward
The same way that I started focusing on something
That something is trust and love
That someone is her
She gets off my mind and certainly back again
And that is how I recharge
Feeling as though energy is never wasted
Energy is expanded for this connection
A worthy investment of the way she feels