There are things that we feel as though we need to leave behind because of the associations that we make are continuing to keep us behind
The decisions that we make are clearly vigilant that it is visible that one can see exactly what is happening although the one does not know exactly how to express the feelings he is feeling
The reason one will not help you is the same reason that another will understand why you are not being helped by that person
There is a situation where the one that is refusing to help you can benefit either way of the route that he is using to associate with the other one
The things that the other one does is he enjoys and he spends time with his friends and so the other one feels as though he needs to do the same thing as the other
The things that we feel sometimes are the same things that we are uncertain to be eager to express
The things that we do must be the same influence that we bring to the table that we share with others for help and benefit
When we are doing something we must make sure that we do it certainly out of the certainty that we are feeling
We must feel lucky for the opportunities that we are given to prove ourselves and be eager to impress ourselves
Impressing ourselves leaves us room to impress other people and therefore there is a lot of help that is going on
The things that we do may often be seen by others in a different way between the people that are having a very good friendship
When we are certain we often feel as though we need to recieve certainty from the friend that we trust
There is a cycle that is created between the two friends and the friends trust each other
The thing that is left behind is that the one friend is always forgetting what the other one has done for him
The things that we do is an assurance of where we want to go with the friends that we have
The help that we recieve from our other friends is good enough to bring all our friends together to decide what is right and what is wrong because majority rules
The thing that we are leaving behind is trying to be perfect and the influence that we have left onto others and therefore we must make a decision to be certain of our decision to improve
The point is to make decisions the we,as the people can decide are right and therefore the one friend formed a group with other friends and so the other was jealous
The one said sorry for what he did and there was peace and the friendship was back to normal