Sometimes I feel like I am in the hills when I am with some people
I feel as though there is a connection with green but I am not sure which green it is
Everywhere I go all I see is green because I am attracted to learning about it
I wish I can maneuver through the course of discovering my potential of becoming green
The point is I am trying to reach my potential with everything that I do
If we make a necessity of learning something then we can make sure that we feel safe when we are in an environment that we are supposed to feel safe in
The problem is that I am maneuvering in places that I am not sure I am recieving acceptance because it is green against green
This makes me wonder which green is my best influence and makes me wonder what is the problem with the different greens that are possessing each other
I am sure that there are major differences between the greens and the placement that has been induced in these major greens that are available
The thing is other greens are watching and therefore it is like a shower of water over plants and trees in a forest
I am not sure what I can pin point it to be exactly
It is a garden and next thing it is a Bush but I am certain that everything will be okay
I have no problems with anything and I am impressed by the fact that I am able to merge my capability with that of others
My form of heartbreak lies in the fact that i was certain that i could maneuver through this course but the pressure was so much that it seemed too much for the moment
I had to take a break not because of the things that i had been through but to be ready to be myself at a much higher rate so i can create an endurance for the way i am feeling
The way that we learn how to adapt can be protected by the sources that have helped us to adapt in the first place
We must bear witness that there is a lot of things going on and therefore we must be careful of the action that we take
We must fight for what we know is right in the best way possible
The way that we learn how to adapt can be influenced by the things that we do as well as the things that others do
When we take a step forward we must understand that things are not always going to go the way we want them to go
The way that we think must be secure and clear if we are to think in a manner that is being adapted to other colors such as yellow so that we may increase our level of success in understanding
The things that we go through are not always what we want to go through because we sometimes feel as though we are troubled only to be set free by even ourselves,inspired by our first influences.