I saw you in the Holy Ground
Since then Everything has changed
That is why I am Enchanted to meet you
I can't forget how today was a Fairytale when you held my hand

I waited for too long for someone to come
I always believe that If this was a movie you'd be here by now
Then you're already here
My face gets Red every time I think of you, this what I almost do

I felt nervous, asking God I think he knows or maybe he is Innocent
When I saw you, that is The moment I knew I found peace even I am stressed
You're my State of Grace because everything turned out All too well

I am Fearless to face all trials
because you existed
You made me stronger and I am Ready for it
I know in this battle I am not alone
Your face serves as my motivation

It's nice to have a friend
Praying soon that friend will me Mine
And we will be together Forever and always
Because you are the answer to my prayers

My heart is so Delicate I hope you are willing to take care of it
I don't wanna sing the songs White Horse and Teardrops on my guitar
Am I too Mean if I wish you would give your heart?
You are my life's Starlight

My life would be worthwhile, All you had to do was stay
Please don't go away
You made me Crazier even if we're not together
I know there is A place in this world for us, better

You are so gorgeous inside and out
I am breathless every time I get a glimpse of your smiles
I can't Breathe without you, Dear John
I hope you wouldn't Change what you are

You told me you wanna find a Lover
I wanted to nominate myself for this position
It would be Death by a thousand cuts if you fell for another
My world will crush in a Blank space if that happen

Look what you made me do
I almost sing all the songs of Taylor Swift's for you
Superman, Tell me why? The best day is when I first saw you The last time
The man I want to be with in the Wonderland

Speak now or forever hold your peace
Tell me I am the Lucky one and that You are in love
Sweeter than a fiction and not any dream I have in my sleep at night
So it goes The story of us

I can't help it if you look like an Angel
Can we be Tied together with a smile?
This love is so Treacherous a Love story that is never told
I hope our destinty will start to unfold

The man of my dreams is everything you are
You belong with me and not with any other woman
Please, Jump then fall for my purest heart
I have chosen you, King of my heart

I was Haunted by your humble visage
Our path crosses because of God's will passage
Every Daylight is a hope for me and you
Keeping Me from this reamarkable Afterglow