When I found you
I stopped searching
I heard God whisphers
The search is over

When I met you
I started praying for you
When I get to know you, I realized
It's you, I uttered from above

I can't hinder myself from thinking about you
I couldn't stop praying for you
If you don't talk to me
Else, I'd rather not talking to anyone

I told you everything I am
I wanted to get to know you more
But it will always be up to you
If for me you are attainable

Every time you just seen my messages
I have this irrefutable aches
Every single day pass by
I am just here patiently waiting for your reply

What's holding you back?
Am I still not good enough?
Maybe I need to seek God more
So He can endow me your heart with no trouble

Maybe this time I won't be wrong
To assert that You are the Answer to my Prayers for so long
But how can that be?
When you withhold communicating with me?

Now, I will just spend my time waiting and praying
That soon you'll be able to realize
I could be all that you're needing
If only you'll transpire listening sincerely to your hallowed heart