zile idea zinabrainstorm ni ati formality is just a sequence
place tu lazima ukue na eloquence
plus pia inaleta my half of a difference
it doesnt matter life is more to licence
life no thoughts ziko kwa oblangata
crazy siezi weka the mystic intergration apa

sharper the jaws of people craving monies
you know the motality sometimes ni ironies
thickness is not as sharp as the sword
but it slays you know thats an african cord
stronger the bond universal you are just blond

hii situation sound tricky lakini me sidelay information
me naweka zote ata mass communication
so take this and understand that life is now on applications
plus kila kitu iuhappen kwa subtractiong

the more you add the more una subtract
ju haijai ka vile unapulizia gunia hewa
so simply is this a chasw worth
or it seems like maybe you are my host
so its easy frost lost not a post

life itself ni ngori design akuna doh ya kuspend
then unasmilena wengi hupretend
just sababu lazima u blend
the sad fact ni ati io ndo trend