Every moment i try to simplify my actions,
some go deeper through my eyes and also sinked in my brain,
am doing things all in vain,
uncertainity has befallen through my path
it has forced me to walk around the earth,

my devine heart needs a break it needs support
i need oxygen am suffocating blood cloaging
raw red as velvet like the red carpet,
the thought that am taken a fool for having no assets
my father says am a nobody like a mad man i walk with papers,
life is hard am having an emotional breakdown ,
everything is said but now am in a mental lockdown,
where am i from? where is my path leading to?
where is the effort i used to have back then?
where is the zeal that makes me be real;
where do i even begin
the mess that i stepped in
has made my worth resemble the bin,
i confess and repent my sin,
most times have been a pain in my neck for dad
i just pray that someday he see's my inner part that wants happiness not for him to be sad

my itenerary is not even tailored my life they think its messed but I jungle for survival
success has become my biggest rival
am trying to make a friend my bible
to try feed all my people now is my mission
i dont want to be the same old drug taker
and God I know you are the way maker
stressing in life is my major issue
am never foolish but my dad takes me as a tissue

so many things i have to review but things are never like stew
they have a vegetable effect with a bubble gum chew
my mind my brain i have to reset to be new
still alot and then more energized than mountain dew
take me to the cliff of the mountain i know thats where is my due
because chances in life still remain few

emotional torture sets on the spirit to uncertainities
again it is worse than the frontal butcher,
train me not say hi not give me no tot
because i just want effort
not wanting to rot
so minimal space in my parking lot,
i failled to graduate with my lot
so i just have to redesign my plot make use of my thought
and the battle being bigger it has to be faught