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Bulindake on pen, born in Nairobi, Kenya as Perez Bulinda Shimenga. Bachelors of science in tourism management,a poet,writer,dancer,philanthropist,Mcee,songwriter,content producer,freelancer. Born in the city under the sun,his humble beginning made him work smart to earn a call up to university to persue a degree. Bulinda on pen is a team builder an innovator of poetry chapbooks for enviromental wellbeing Bulinda poetry love gives every reader a tour to diverse poetic expressions...
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  • One Time Password (otp)
    One Time Password

    nilitry kulog in yena kumbe ilikua ni story ya one time ...
  • The More I Felt For Her
    She went through with her maliciousness
    you know how it feels not attractive, lonliness
    see she just could not take it any more
    her thoughts of how maybe things would change , be better was there no more ...
  • Olunga 14

    wausema dreams ziko valid
    thats why an engineers mind ina conqour kwa field ...
  • Poetry
    Poetry doesnt make that much money
    the more i hustle i get closer to me reaping the honey
    siezi quit ju the first billion itakua raised, I know nasound funny
    categorically words comfort me vile nguna huchizia summer bunny ...
  • Writing Is My Right
    sometimes I just want to write
    but the feeling tells me its not right
    The pen, its madness, ink badness
    the love of paper for my pen the harshness ...
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