Am Sad Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Am sadA
sadness is a state that comes and goB
am sadA
so many times it looks like am gladA
am sadA
happiness also comes and go then am madA
am sadA
i know emotions sometimes inaeza fanya heart kuaB
am sadA
conciquences maybe zinsema am bad envy maybe imafanya nakua sadA
praying that cleansing heart ndo kitu itatoa io sadA
hell ni real na ndo maana kila msee hupendaA
but life pia ni zaidi ys we kuandika kwa penE
tears flow aimean ati male haezi cry sad on that emotions zimekua dryF
am not at piece that i cant lieF
am not even seeing right they messed up my eyeF
i dont get it it has become my dissapointmentA
thats why i feel shyF
wishing for me to get back to old me with self esteem thats highF
headaches tracing my heart acheG
painless as i never recieve a pay chequeB
tears now can fill the volume of a lakeB
tasteless i dont get the sweet taste of cakeB
now i think its time its time this has to be my brake a turn thats what i will takeB

Perez Bulinda
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 02/15/2021

Poet's note: sad is s state that just had to be


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