A Christmas Childhood Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


ful that was how wonderfulA
And when we put our ears to the paling postB
The music that came out was magicalA
The light between the ricks of hay and strawC
Was a hole in Heaven's gable An apple treeD
With its December glinting fruit we sawC
O you Eve were the world that tempted meD
To eat the knowledge that grew in clayE
And death the germ within it Now and thenF
I can remember something of the gayE
Garden that was childhood's AgainF
The tracks of cattle to a drinking placeG
A green stone lying sideways in a ditchH
Or any common sight the transfigured faceG
Of a beauty that the world did not touchI
My father played the melodionF
Outside at our gateJ
There were stars in the morning eastK
And they danced to his musicL
Across the wild bogs his melodion calledM
To Lennons and CallansG
As I pulled on my trousers in a hurryD
I knew some strange thing had happenedN
Outside in the cow house my motherO
Made the music of milkingP
The light of her stable lamp was a starQ
And the frost of Bethlehem made it twinkleA
A water hen screeched in the bogR
Mass going feetS
Crunched the wafer ice on the pot holesG
Somebody wistfully twisted the bellows wheelT
My child poet picked out the lettersG
On the grey stoneF
In silver the wonder of a Christmas townlandS
The winking glitter of a frosty dawnF
Cassiopeia was overO
Cassidy's hanging hillU
I looked and three whin bushes rode acrossG
The horizon the Three Wise KingsG
And old man passing saidS
Can't he make it talkV
The melodion ' I hid in the doorwayE
And tightened the belt of my box pleated coatS
I nicked six nicks on the door postS
With my penknife's big bladeS
there was a little one for cutting tobaccoW
And I was six Christmases of ageX
My father played the melodionF
My mother milked the cowsG
And I had a prayer like a white rose pinnedS
On the Virgin Mary's blouseG

Patrick Kavanagh


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