It was just one sunny morning,
When I woke up and still remembered last night’s dream.
I closed my heart and heard someone calling,
I did not think of responding but I screamed.
Could this person save me when I was falling?
Or I would have been treated like a fall of an ice cream.
I didn’t know it was just a dream.
But it was a dream in which the characters were two.
I saw someone sitting by a stream.
I was the one and when I turned, I saw you.
I thought I would now have my problems trimmed,
You smiled and said yours would be solved too.
You smeared me love like a cream,
But I woke up to just realize I didn’t have you.
Since then my nights became terrible, you just can’t guess what I go through!
Can you be so kind to just offer me this help for my dreams to come true?
I could just sit here to wait.
But are you sure it’s not going to be late?
I am missing within myself looking in your eyes at this rate,
But my heart needs only one answer to just jubilate.
You are the most fortunate thing that ever happened to me.
Have you ever pictured how nice it could be having the two of us together?
You may have someone else and may not love me,
But don’t you think I can turn to that happiness you may need forever?
These were just dreams,
But they are now dreams which I want them real.