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An actor, comedian, story writer, musician and poet...
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Parfait Mari Poems

  • How It Feels
    I will like to hold you close
    We could also play on our Titanic
    like Jack and Rose
    But you make me panic ...
  • Friends
    I have a whole story to tell
    But who would listen?
    Inside of them is hell
    While the tears on their faces glisten ...
  • I Remember
    I remember the time we met
    How you treated me is something I won't forget
    We stayed awake just to talk to each other
    Gradually, we climbed the love's ladder ...
  • Never Again
    It was something I felt in the heart
    So I took a glance
    I just wanted to be part
    Because I thought it was my chance. ...
  • No Love Anywhere
    When they see the beauty in you,
    They do all they can
    All they can to have you.
    When you give your all to them, ...
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True 2 Terrible 1 Live 1 Patience 1 Doubt 1 Pure 1 Clear 1 Sweet 1 Earth 1 Soul 1

Parfait Mari Quotes

  • Be that person who proves to others that love really exists.
  • Everyone sleeps but just a few of us who dream.
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