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An actor, comedian, story writer, musician and poet...
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  • North And South
    Pains I never spoke about
    My facial expressions are enough, loud
    I fell in love in the North
    But the pains took me to the South ...
  • Last Moment
    He shouted twice
    But there were no replies
    He slipped and closed his mouth
    This could be the last time he would laugh ...
  • Goodbye
    Hello dear,
    I'm happy to write you this letter
    I'm nomore here to shed tears
    I just want to say, I've found someone better ...
  • Pains From The Past
    If love was real
    It wouldn’t have hurt how I feel
    As much as I tried
    I still found out that you lied ...
  • He Eats The Air
    His hands feed the mouths in the rectangular house
    But he himself eats the air.
    Helplessly, he comes back to sleep in the hole of mouse
    They are aware but they do not care. ...
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True 2 Terrible 1 Live 1 Patience 1 Doubt 1 Pure 1 Clear 1 Sweet 1 Earth 1 Soul 1

Parfait Mari Quotes

  • Be that person who proves to others that love really exists.
  • Everyone sleeps but just a few of us who dream.
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