Amorously I was touched
But I can't prove any fact
The sight of her presence caused my mind to depart
Though my physical being was intact
I thought I was seeing an Angel
Then I realised I was single
The feeling was like an emotional tingle

I couldn't utter a word
And wish I could sing like a bird
My heart yelled and no one heard
The approach was very difficult
Had no one to consult
It was a strange feeling
Even perceived I was dreaming
Until we met at the junction

Her smile was infectious
The diastema and the dimple got my focus
A five feet tall dark skinned lady
No one will tell you she is pretty
The twists in her walk drove me crazy
Naturally endowed beauty without makeup
And still got to face up

Finally I asked her name and didn't hesitate to tell me
With the reply,I felt part of the scene
I asked, can we be friends?
She answered,"why not"! with no presence

We said good bye to each other
Filled my thoughts with the next agenda
Was happy I had my first love encounter.