There is a reason for every action whether good or worse
Bad behaviors are not justifiable but bring mess
It pays to enroll under attitudinal test
But self consciousness are always the best

There is a reason why I laugh
Its not like I chose to show my teeth towards that path
I deem it fit to show love
And to possess it all above
I got to fly like a dove

There is a reason why I cry
Seeing happiness passing by
Whilst I can have it by my side
Sometimes cry without pain
Not because I'm insane
Ideally to perpetuate my gain

There is a reason why I sin
I know the right, I left it in a bin
Neither do I love it, it rules my mind like a king
Out of self defense I commit sin
In order to cover my sin,I sin
Though not pardonable, still there is a reason .

There is a reason why I chose you
I see myself in you
Being able to manage the multitude with the few
Adhering to responsibilities with great virtue
Feeling the pains of others gives out the reason that is due

Yes! There is always a reason
Let not the reason cause treason
Have a guided reason
And enjoy a fruitful season