Don't be upset to me,
I know you carried me in your womb,
For nine months and one week,
You raised me well and educated me,
But now that I'm a fully grown man,
You can't make decisions for me,
Related to who I should marry or not,

I remember all the hardships you endured,
When you became a widow,
Strong and hardworking you remained,
You did not abandon me and my siblings,
I was the 6th but only 12years old then,
I'm now aged 18years and studying,
I'm doing quite well financially.

I will forever be thanksful to you,
For your dedication and sacrifice,
That saw you upbringing us,
In the most impecable way,
But now let me decide on this one,
I beg of you please!
My wife should be a woman when I choose.
"Thank you mother."