Opila George Poems

  • 1.  
    Don't be upset to me,
    I know you carried me in your womb,
    For nine months and one week,
    You raised me well and educated me,
  • 2.  
    The pearl of Africa
    The most favourite,
    Beautiful country Uganda
    My Motherland
  • 3.  
    They are good in food production
    They clear their gardens early
    They grow their crops early
    At the start of rains
  • 4.  
    You brought me into this world by God's Love
    Without you i were not their
    Others abort but you didn't did that to me.

  • 5.  
    You are akiller
    You are spreading COVID-19 world wide
    You have to closing of
    Churches, schools and offices.
  • 6.  
    Mother sends me to the market
    To buy many things
    Fish, salt, sugar and tea
    But first write a shopping list
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