Are you looking toward the sky
Hoping to get something?
Aigbofa lanwoke, ifakan kosi ni paara.
Why and how would you do
That when you're not Abraham,
Unto him whose life was tested
To be the father of all nations?

Could you stand such a test?
With no hope for the better thing?
Try it and you see your life be better,
Neither can the mother soil do the same.
In the sacks, she uses to exist on the gold coast
Our hopes are packed to other nations.

What are our hopes and where lies our lives?
Even the grave can't question her judgment,
Lest it dies the second death
Before the judgment of the Messiah.
Iku npalosan onpaloru,

The poor daily cry and the rich grow in their desire.
Our lads are the weapons of the merchant crew
While their children are being nurtured for political sits.
The beautiful ones are yet to be born
And the ugly is failing to die.

This is the stream of our daily cry.
Haven't lost focus the use
Of hijab is the major talk in town
That our schools are forced to be closed down.
All in a pretense of the right to religion and association,

Neglecting that not all right is absolute
For the purpose of peace of the nation.
Look into my eyes and tell me that
My skull has gone below my ankle.
And I will tell you that a trial
Putting on this right cant be handled.
Think of think my dear,
Cos the mother soil needs us more for it to be clear.
Better than being the generation of Cain for the power that rests in us.