Sail from afar of my journey made.
What could be the sound my ear do hear?
This seems to be that of a glorious celebration,
Which needs no ear to be put on the wall.

Ogiri leti.
The wonderful work of men
In women at the village square.
When asked of what celebration it could be.
The Independence and new birth of our nation.

In purity of joy my heart celebrates
The celebration from this long term slavery.
Not knowing that it's starting of the yoke to be place on us,
The foundation which was laid in 1914.
While now at close sixty still a crawling lad.

Despite the cry for this change and that change.
When the foundation is destroyed,
What can the righteous do?
Now we're amused by the fulanization of us
Which has been brought by RUGA.

Why the cry is coming now when our silence
Is grace by the Independence slavery.
Equity doesn't help the indolence but the Swift.
War here and there is said to be the eminent solution.
How dare you note that?

Trust that you've met with the victims of the Biafra war,
Your testimony would have changed.
Ibere ogun lanri kosenitoleri eyin re.
Dear great Divine kindly arise to our rescue
For kwanshoko has overridden the belly.