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  • Unjust Cause
    Are you looking toward the sky
    Hoping to get something?
    Aigbofa lanwoke, ifakan kosi ni paara.
    Why and how would you do ...
  • My Joy
    Gently she stopped to enter a cab
    Towards her destination,
    And out of consciousness,
    My heart was glued to her good-looking face. ...
  • Independence Slavery
    Sail from afar of my journey made.
    What could be the sound my ear do hear?
    This seems to be that of a glorious celebration,
    Which needs no ear to be put on the wall. ...
  • My Plight
    Daily I cry for no reason to purge my heart,
    In the depth of wealth that my soul wailed.
    Most in thoughts reason for the lost of my bread,
    The significance of omotoyikogbon with a fulfilled heart. ...
  • Ibadan
    Raise your voice aloud
    And echo that which taints your heart
    The days of the chain are laid to rest
    And the closed eyes are made opened ...
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