Raise your voice aloud
And echo that which taints your heart
The days of the chain are laid to rest
And the closed eyes are made opened

In your order, our light is made to shine
With the scales and sword in your hands,
Our hope is laid
Not as one daily appraise in our land
But one whose purity is not
Dented for a porridge's spoon

Hmmm, eba odan
The edge of a meadow
Wake, I am saying wake

Your purity is tainted in silence
And your voice which is
The essence of your being is laid to rest
The scales and sword are made to bend
That your foes are glorified benefactors

Your worth has been known for ages
It's not surprising that
Your bravery is second to none
Haven't been a place of refuge for warriors

To know the legal practice is to dwell in you
A citadel of great intelligence
Ibadan mesi ogo
Nile oluyole
Nibiti ole ti n gbejare olohun

Cast your heart off this
As your call is core
In making the groan leap for joy
Trust your memory fails you not

That is your birth the Premier Bar & Uni,
First AG fed, first and second female SAN
Justices of the apex courts
No measures were made

Wake oh wake
The edge of a meadow
Take up your scales, sword and be blind
To that which makes us groan

As the labour of fathers cannot be in vain
Raise your voice so high and be firm
Our nation is mourning your silence