Tears From The Heart. Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Today I am saying good byeA
With tears flowing from my heartB
With a broken heartB
With a creasing faceC
My tongue yellD
My eyes pregnantE
With rain and stormF
As we part and waveG
It will live on in my heartB
The day you cross my pathH
My teeth glued to the skyA
And shine like a starI
My heart filled with joyJ
Like the mother of a BrideK
Dancing from left to rightL
That I found a homeM
This dream was a stillbirthH
This joy dispersed before sunsetN
This frills never get to the altarO
This home was a mirageP
I tried to talk to your earQ
But your heart is deaf to my wordsR
I have given you my bestS
But its short of your wants and wishesT
Let path in peace we saidU
Wishes flow from each tongueV
Go live and accomplishW
You will always be a DarlingX
My eyes tear in harsh windY

Ola Olawale
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 07/03/2019


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Flavour ent Tv : Nice peom brother, please keep it up, very inspired

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