Oh sweet baby, with a smile so bright,
You are like the sun, bringing light to our night.
Gentle purring and cooing, like a lullaby song,
A symphony of joy, floating on the breeze all night long.

Your silliness makes us laugh, your laughter so wondrous,
It fills our hearts with happiness, oh so contagious.
The giggle and cackle, like chimes in the wind,
A joyful noise, that brings peace within and lots of grins.

Though you may find it hard to sleep at night,
Hush-a-bye baby, everything's alright.
The sound of gentle breathing, like whispers so long,
A gentle rhythm that soothes and creates a peaceful throng.

And if you feel a little afraid and unsure,
Just listen to the sound of a gentle purr,
For like a cat, you can find comfort and rest,
In the warmth and love that we give with our best.

So let us rock you gently as you close your eyes,
And dream of all the beauty that the world provides.
For you are our superstar, our bundle of joy,
An African king, full of love and pure joy, oh boy!