Ode To A Sweet Baby Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Oh sweet baby with a smile so brightA
You are like the sun bringing light to our nightA
Gentle purring and cooing like a lullaby songB
A symphony of joy floating on the breeze all night longB
Your silliness makes us laugh your laughter so wondrousC
It fills our hearts with happiness oh so contagiousC
The giggle and cackle like chimes in the windD
A joyful noise that brings peace within and lots of grinsE
Though you may find it hard to sleep at nightA
Hush a bye baby everything's alrightA
The sound of gentle breathing like whispers so longB
A gentle rhythm that soothes and creates a peaceful throngB
And if you feel a little afraid and unsureF
Just listen to the sound of a gentle purrG
For like a cat you can find comfort and restH
In the warmth and love that we give with our bestH
So let us rock you gently as you close your eyesI
And dream of all the beauty that the world providesJ
For you are our superstar our bundle of joyK
An African king full of love and pure joy oh boyK

Olute Aete

Poet's note: This is a lullaby to a sweet baby


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