She loves me not but I love her,
I loves her not but she loves me,
Love is not always from both side,
Love is sometime from one side only.

Love arises from bottom of my heart,
She doesn't feel,
She will never understand my love coz,
She loves me…Not.

The day I saw you I was lost in you,
My heart beats for you,
She doesn't know pain of love because,
She loves me….Not.

I stopped thinking about but,
As if you are only the one I knows &
Rooted deep within my heart,
It appear in my mind even she loves me… Not.

She doesn't feel my heart beats,
She will never understand His love,
She doesn't know how much she is dear to His heart but,
Still you are his darling till heart beats no more.

I will make you feel my love,
I will make you understand His feelings,
I will let you know how much important you are to me,
When you know you will regret in not loving Him.