Rangers Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


The rangers are frontline savioursA
With strong mind set of protectionB
Poorly equipped skilledC
Serve as frontline rangers to protect common wealthD
To the best of their abilitiesA
When you pass time in playing games and FacebookE
With dangling knife rangers climb over mountain valesA
To protect natural resources from evil doersA
In hot monsoon you stay inside air conditioner roofF
Wind shade are where rangers take rest to relief from heat and rainsA
In the cold of winter you stay to warm by heaterG
Rangers protect with clothes from frost insects bitesA
When you pass time in listening musicE
Rangers enjoy hearing chirping songs of birdsA
Rustle bustle sound of leaves streamsA
When you drink from treated waters sourceA
We quench our thirst from natural water sourcesA
When you sleep with your families on cosy matesA
We make ourselves feel at home under the caves treesA
With guidance of Dharma KingsA
The effort of rangers in conservationB
World Nation can witness todayH
Leader honoured champion of EarthI
For being hotspot for biodiversityJ
Funding agencies in never ending lineK
Supporting to maintain for all time to comeL
Rangers are frontline saviourG
With limited theoryG
More in practicalM
Do no research publishN
But act in the field to saveO
We commit to travel every nook crannyG
To protect wild diversityG
How much difficult it may beG
We will walk to save spare wild diversityG
From all types of hardzousA
Copyright Norbu DorjiP

Norbu Dorji
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 07/29/2019


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