Mesmerizing landscape of snowy mountains
Is a landmark of park & country,
Significant of Jigme Dorji National Park,
Is the home where one can see all national diversity.

Alpine meadows covered by medicinal herbs,
A renewable & sustainable medical store,
Where we can harvest for generation,
Park is the lost horizon for medical diversity.

Park has the maximum numbers of glacier
The glaciers provides continue river ecosystem,
Turn the turbine to generate hydro energy and
Nourish agriculture lands for cultivation.

Beautiful camping site for trekking,
Snowman trek is the hardest trek,
The park is known for having scenic trekking route,
And highest visitors among others.

The park has a great historical value,
The Great unifier of Bhutan as a nation,
Walked & blessed the land from Laya and
Magically created animal found only in this park.

Inhabited with thousand of people,
A challenges for managing the park with resources,
Visitors, Take nothing only memories and
Leave nothing only foot prints.