Hidden land of Himalaya blessed by lotus born,
Worshiping God father Zhabdrung Rinpoche,
He ruled the land of thunder dragon,
With spiritual & secular law.

Wangchuck dynasty is the treasure,
Revealed by Terton Pema Lingpa,
Blessed the land with peace & prosperity,
Five successive kings were descended to rule.

For the continuity of the treasure of blessing,
Fifth successive king married Dakini Jetsun,
Celestial being was born as a prince,
To sustain the wangchuck dynasty.

The day Gyelsay stepped on this land,
King never owned but endowed to the people,
Prince is not only son of Me & Jetsun,
He is the son of the Nation.

Same boy age of our prince,
While they play & fight for toys,
He learned from His father,
To be a good leader.

Since His Majesty declared prince as the son of the nation,
All citizen must assume the same responsibility,
Caring for and praying for Gyelsay,
May God of knowledge bless our prince,
With profound methods & wisdom,
May God of power bless You,
With power to master all evils,
May God of compassion bless the son of the nation,
With compassionate heart to feel for Tsa-wa-sum,
May God of activity bless crown prince,
With power to achieve whatever he do,
May God of longevity bless our sixth successive monarch,
With a long life to bring global peace.

Copyright Norbu Dorji