Minds are deluded but
Not from beginning
Ignorance makes it, however
Essences of mind is crystal pure.

Materialistic world makes
People possessive & acquisitive;
Afflictive emotions blindfold minds
From knowing everything is impermanent.

What use of possessing & acquisition if
Everything we earned with great affliction vanish
Better spend life meaningfully
Doing all good that please you & others.

Being cruel and rude is not the
Instinct nature of mind but
Blindfolded by desire & hated that
Victimise Buddha nature.

Say not I'm short temper
Is a problem with patience
Be friend with cruel people
You can learn to be tolerant.

If mind is deluded from beginning
There will be no space In the mind to
Cultivate goodness and therefore
Good-nature is obscured by delusion for time being.