I know that wishes
Are hard to obtain
and sometimes it doesn't
Work out the way we think
But God has a better
Plan than ours
But please

I wish and I pray
That we will always be
healthy and well
So that we can always be
Productive in a whole new day

I wish and I pray
that all our needs and
wants will come true
Such as
every step that we make or take
Will result into our own
Joyous fulfillment

I wish and I pray
That my enemies nor foes
Will agree to an agreement
That we will cease
And settle our minor differences

I wish and I pray
That I will have enough
Courage and strength
To tell the woman that I love
That I adore what
she have done to my life

I wish and I pray
That the one I love
Will never
Drift nor stray
But let her heart
Be collided with mine