I Wish And I Pray Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


I know that wishesA
Are hard to obtainB
and sometimes it doesn'tC
Work out the way we thinkD
But God has a betterE
Plan than oursF
But pleaseG
I wish and I prayH
That we will always beI
healthy and wellJ
So that we can always beI
Productive in a whole new dayH
I wish and I prayH
that all our needs andK
wants will come trueL
Such asM
every step that we make or takeN
Will result into our ownO
Joyous fulfillmentC
I wish and I prayH
That my enemies nor foesP
Will agree to an agreementC
That we will ceaseQ
And settle our minor differencesA
I wish and I prayH
That I will have enoughR
Courage and strengthS
To tell the woman that I loveT
That I adore whatU
she have done to my lifeV
I wish and I prayH
That the one I loveT
Will neverE
Drift nor strayH
But let her heartW
Be collided with mineX

Noel Zingapan
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 03/30/2023


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