Son this a chapter for you,
I pledged it on behalf of your mama,
Not mentioning her on this cause she'll pursue,
Why I wrote you a chapter before writing her drama,
Yet she knows well you will be the only remaining clue,
Who'll praise her drama in my absence without a comma

Fourteen - years you'll wonder a million times,
Searching for freedom cause home will seem a stuck,
Maybe whipped and confused throughout the miles,
Probably your mama will mute your footstep's cluck,
But I won't forget to wear a fury eyes sometimes,
At times you'll hate me but I'll love you till my truck.

Twenty - five you'll be a romantic goon,
Splurging lights all over picking on the love,
Venturing into a far travel to look for her tune,
Typically she'll sweep you off in a blink so soon,
Go ahead and marry her, embrace her she's your truelove.

And son, when my time shall call,
I won't let you off my sight not even in grave,
I would want to walk your path but son the befall,
My life will be ending and yours will begin so be brave,
Live in a trace, away from the jaw bones of an intended crave,
On recalling this day, tell your momma I love her that's my recall.