O lonely shepherd with flute,
Do you remember me?
O sweet forest fairy,
Have I damaged you this much?
As you whistle sweet but sad tunes,
You cry bitterly and it shatters me.

I count the stars and give each one a name,
But no one makes me feel what I felt for you.
O lonely shepherd with flute,
I long for your warmth and tenderness.
Can you cover me with a coat of wool?

O heart that mine used to call home,
Do you still have an extra space for me?
I have been away for too long;
Wandering and wondering in the jungle,
And I am a fool to think that I still own the place.

Your place was my comfort zone;
Where I used to hide my face and bury my tears.
You were a blank page,
On which I used to write my pain.
I was a picture and you framed me,
But I left you enclosed in the cage.

Things were cruel and I was a coward,
I had no way to keep you safe, or dry your tears.
I'm a jerk who left you teared apart,
I left when you needed me the most.
Will you forget and forgive at once?
Will you accept me again,
Although you know that I am lying?

I tremble when lions roar,
I get afraid when wolves howl.
I shiver when it rains,
And my skin burns on a sunny day.
I thought I was able to live on my own,
But I'm nothing without you.
Will you take me in,
Although you know I'll run away again?