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Niyitanga is a poet, scenarist and filmmaker. He was born in Rwanda, in september 2000. When he is not with his friends or writing scripts, he is probably singing, watching horror movies or playing video games. Niyitanga lives with his family in Kigali the capital city of Rwanda. Rainbow is Niyitanga's first Anthology. You can connect with Niyitanga through his social medias: Facebook: www.facebook.com/niy.paci Instagram: @niy_pac Twitter: @niy_paci E-mail: [email protected] ...
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Pacifique Niyitanga Poems

  • Untitled
    Peace is above
    Only if there's love

    Many problems to solve ...
  • Response
    I'm dancing on my own
    Jubilations, i have won
    Happiness for eon,
    I feel like everything is neo ...
  • Dad Kid
    He was so much sad
    Misery drove him mad
    As he had nothing to add
    But only to shake his head ...
  • Creative Life
    I can not take it easy
    At night i can not sleep
    New thoughts like drops
    Dripping down in my head ...
  • Life And Death
    Life begins at womb
    Death begins at tomb

    Life is a gift from mother ...
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Good 9 Live 8 Long 8 Great 7 Fight 6 Endless 5 Afraid 5 Wrong 5 Mind 5 Hold 4

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