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Niyitanga is a poet, scenarist and filmmaker. He was born in september 2000. When he is not with his friends or writing scripts, he is probably singing, watching horror movies or playing video games. Niyitanga lives with his family in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda. You can connect with Niyitanga through his social medias: Facebook: www.facebook.com/niy.paci Instagram: @niy_pac Twitter: @niy_paci E-mail: [email protected] ...
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Pacifique Niyitanga Poems

  • Find The One
    I just need someone;
    To stay with me when I'm alone,
    Erase the mistakes I've done;
    Someone to clean my name for everyone, ...
  • Nightmare
    I saw the stars in the blue sky,
    The same time I lost peace in my heart
    HopelessLy, I started praying for my sins
    And every single breathe brought pain. ...
  • Healing
    Hurting is a sign to the pain,
    Every single cut leads to bleeding
    At this time, I seek for medication;
    Longing for a change and recovery ...
  • Love, The Holocaust
    In love with an angel,
    Stuck in an endless emotions,
    Secretly drowning in a peaceful love
    I'm diving too deep, I think. ...
  • Babe And Broke
    If you are broke,
    You get no babe
    If you have a babe,
    You can get broke. ...
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