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Niyitanga is a poet, scenarist and filmmaker. He was born in Rwanda, in september 2000. When he is not with his friends or writing scripts, he is probably singing, watching horror movies or playing video games. Niyitanga lives with his family in Kigali the capital city of Rwanda. Rainbow is Niyitanga's first Anthology. You can connect with Niyitanga through his social medias: Facebook: www.facebook.com/niy.paci Instagram: @niy_pac Twitter: @niy_paci E-mail: [email protected] ...
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Pacifique Niyitanga Poems

  • Green
    G-ood luck and health symbol,
    R-eal hope and tranquillity,
    E-ternal life and compassion sign,
    E-nergizing and boosting the- ...
  • Peers
    I want to talk, they make noise
    I need to hear, they calm down
    Opposition is their old habit,
    Resistance is their priority ...
  • My Dad Is A Thief
    One day, I was on my way to town and I met a thief who looked nothing like a thief, but then he pushed me down and pointed a knife to my neck ordering me to give him money, but of course I didn't want to give away my money. Not until he gave in and told me why he was robbing!
    "My wife is very sick to death" he groanly said.
    Regardless of everything that happened, I felt like I should help and so I gave him some money from my wallet and he left.
  • Unhide
    Ready to fall,
    Willing to care,
    Waiting for the good times,
    But I can hear what is spoken ...
  • She Can Leave
    Legend, this ain't home
    Cut off your lies
    Leave her eyes, she flies
    Otherwise you'll end up alone ...
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