Find me an Etesot, i define you Beauty!
His skin colour is like the shea sold in 'Arua'
Looks calloused, but when touched,its as smooth as the gliding stream in 'Awoja'.
His smile, like a fresh open coconut.
His accent,hideously rich;
for he pronounces every word with clarity.
His lips are to die for...
I'd write a whole book if I may.

Find me an Etesot, i define you Character!
I show you a man of exceptional integrity;
He is loyal,honest and compassionate.
To his Creator,beautiful adoration!
They speak a language only they can fathom.
He will know how to mend both your spirit and heart.

My 'Etesot' is like a blessing on an early Sunday morning,
Like a new creation in God's eyes,
Like the best way to live and die.
He has taught me how to eat pasted foods,
How to speak 'Ateso' and wear 'Emukule',
How to dance to the 'Akogo'!
Oh! how i long to be in his arms again,
Find me my Etesot!