I’ll sing a solitude
Amid the gnawing hunger-
I’ll sing.
I’ll sew this elegy
With tears of deprivation
And exploitation.

What will pacify these vultures?
Indifferent lammergeiers!
Gorged ticks!
Hyenas of twos…

This shack made a rubble
By a ravenous bulldozer
Paving ways for earthly gods
Oh, my lyre, and dissonance of the lowly
But I’ll still sing

My bloated offspring-
Feeders of bins and beans
Scorched by providence of mighty He
As earthly gods scorch them

Oh, my torn wandindi
Sew my bitter musings
Chord them like Beethoven’s symphony
Bring and brood repugnance among the hot blood

Let them loathe political vice
Stir revolt, ambience of post repossession-
As present masters
Are worse than Celts

Beat them drums
Awaken all ghosts
Of communal belonging
Repossess lands!
And guillotine the damnable devils!