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MURITHI IKIARA is a Teacher of English and literature with a special interest in literature and specifically poetry. He has written a number of poems that have been performed at National Levels and runs an Online Writing Blog Titled- MURITHI IKIARA POETRY FORUM. Currently, he is pursuing his Master’s Degree in Literature at Chuka University- Tharaka Campus....
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Murithi Ikiara Poems

  • Lowly
    I’ll sing a solitude
    Amid the gnawing hunger-
    I’ll sing.
    I’ll sew this elegy ...
  • Slave
    I’m a drained oasis
    Sitting at the heart of a desert
    A lone ranger
    In the great Amazon ...
  • Death
    I implore you,
    I beseech you,
    Hone your claws no more ...
  • I
    One day i will close this door
    i will shut it willingly
    i will not flinch
    But like a wounded lion ...
  • Let Me Go
    When this love fades
    When what bound us dissipates
    When that laughter
    Intends to birth disaster ...
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Clear 3 Hunger 2 Hold 2 Tired 2 Mouth 1 Blue 1 Ambience 1 Silent 1 Paradise 1 Queue 1

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