I stop squeezing my mind
For what happened to me
Since I scavenged
For my philosophical stone
In a deforming mirror
I had to look forward to cracking
Any astrological luck left
On my shoulders
Stretching me to the limit
Of defying gravity
while leaving behind
A convoy of scattered stars.

What if I could make gold with gold
Think like Leonardo Da Vinci
Write a computer code
like Tim Berners-Lee?...
I wasn't trying to square the circle
Nor invent my own immaculate conception.
All I wanted to accomplish is
To speak and be heard.

A wall between walls whispers
To the darkness
That my saddlebag of hopes
Has been lost regretfully
Last autumn
in the stream of an unsuspected wind.
Let's get this clear
Once and for all
I may not have any hope to talk about,
Don't expect me to shut up
until I die with my mouth full of words.

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